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The International Women’s Club of Thailand [IWC] was founded in 1964, with the main objective of fostering friendship and understanding between women of all nationalities and promoting the causes of women worldwide.

The Club’s members consist of women from 70 plus countries.  Membership is open to all nationalities. For those who are new to Bangkok, this club offers the opportunity to meet ladies from a wide range of cultures and nationalities, allowing members many meaningful opportunities to broaden their circle of friends. The IWC is the right place for any woman new to Thailand.

Whether you expect to stay in Bangkok only a short time, or for an extended period, please contact us.  We will be delighted to welcome you.

Every month we have many events which will keep you interested and busy.  There are ‘Monthly Luncheons’, ‘Activities’ [visiting various places of historic and cultural interest around Bangkok and environs], ‘Getting to Know You’ [GTKY], which involves meeting with the diplomatic community and learning about their different customs and cultures, and ‘Small group activities’ [hobbies, crafts and other leisure activities].

History of the IWC
A group of Thais and foreign residents in Bangkok met in 1964 with the objective of starting an international women’s club. Those involved actively in the formation of the club were M.R. Sermsri Kasemsri, Mrs. Dorothy Culver (an American, who was a former president of an International Women’s Club in the United States), Khunying  Mani  Sirivorasarn, Khunying  Alma Link, Aimee Lefevre and many more.

Mom Ngarmchitr Purachatra (a.k.a., Princess Prem Purachatra), the then president of the International Council of Women, encouraged the formation of the Club. It was officially founded as the International Women’s Club of Thailand in 1965 under the presidency of M.R. Sermsri Kasemsri and had about 100 members.

Since its inception, the Club has emphasized the fostering of understanding between women of different nationalities and the promoting of various women’s causes worldwide. IWC became very popular among women of all nationalities, religions and ethnic backgrounds, where women have learned to appreciate different cultures and respect for one another.

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The main objectives of the International Women’s Club of Thailand were

To foster friendship and mutual understanding among women of different nationalities, without discrimination of race or creed.

To promote the cause of education and social interest in the national welfare of women and children.

To broaden women’s interest in current affairs, in order to encourage them to promote the status of women.

To keep abreast of other women’s organizations.

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Small Group Activities
For those who enjoy just spending time with a small group of members and learning various pastimes at the IWC Clubhouse and other venues, these are meant for you.

Members have learned to play mahjong, bridge, and golf, dance salsa, and create lovely craft items that are sold to make money for our Scholarship Fund and other charities. Still others keep their bodies in shape with Water Gym at the Nai Lert Park Hotel. This latter group has consistently and generously donated their proceeds to the IWC every year.

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IWC Thailand

Membership in the International Women’s Club of Thailand (IWC)
You are welcome to join the International Women’s Club of Thailand! IWC provides opportunity for members to bond, build and look for support, share information and involve in community service projects. The greatest advantage to becoming an IWC member is to make friends and get together with our international society of women. Other benefits comprise of access to a wide range of social, educational, cultural and volunteer opportunities.
How to Apply:
Step 1: Submit Application
Please submit your application to: Membership Director, Ms. Tanyamai Taechalertpaisarn (Email: tanyamai_tae@yahoo.com).
Step 2: Deposit Membership Contribution
The initial contribution for a new member is: 2,700 Baht(1,600 Baht Entrance Fee; 1,000 Baht Annual Membership Dues and 100 Baht Badge)
Step 3: Send Pay-In Slip


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